Centrifuge – The Insight behind Better Business Decisions.

Centrifuge – The Insight behind Better Business Decisions.

Have you ever dropped a stone into a still pond, watched it make that initial splash and then create ripples across the pond? What if that pool was your business ecosystem, the water your data, the splash an unauthorized event? Just like water in the pond, an unauthorized event creates ripples in your data that you can follow to find what caused the splash!

Centrifuge analytics are engineered to do just that. Centrifuge's link analysis is uniquely designed to let you see the data from varied sources and its interrelationships in one powerfully interactive visual representation. You easily see meaningful patterns, select and filter out details, zoom in for more specifics, introduce new perspectives, share conclusions and drive to better business decisions.

Test drive the Centrifuge solution today with the Centrifuge "Data Discovery Challenge" - you provide the data...we'll find the splash! At absolutely no cost, you've got nothing to lose and everything to gain! 


Initial ROI - in Weeks not Months

Centrifuge analytics has been successfully deployed in a wide range of environments including: fraud and misuse, healthcare, financial analysis, cyber security, insider threat, and national security. The initial return on investment (ROI) with each deployment was typically measured in weeks not months.

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