Centrifuge Analytics combines agile data integration with dynamic relationship mapping and interactive visualizations to solve fraud and risk challenges in financial services, retail, pharmaceuticals and government sectors.

  • Access Centrifuge from the internet within our 100% zero footprint technology
  • Integrate data on demand
  • Dynamically show relationships hidden in your data
  • Interactively visualize your data to gain immediate insights
  • Extend your current solutions by embedding Centrifuge

Centrifuge Analytics allows analysts to easily connect to data sources without any heavy lifting or data replication. Since Centrifuge does not require an underlying data model or software installed on your local computer, you can get up and running in minutes. Detect fraud and risk using relationship maps that show connections between people and other data elements. Measure and manage your new insight using a combination of charts, time lines, tables, relationship maps and geo-spatial views.

For more solution examples please see the following: