Find meaningful value in your data.

Centrifuge Analytics makes it easy to harness the power of your data, visualize discoveries, collaborate to draw conclusions and make effective predictions that will have an immediate impact to your organization. At its core Centrifuge Analytics includes the following four key functional areas:

1: Data Unification

Centrifuge Analytics includes a full range of data source connectors from enterprise Oracle and Hadoop deployments to adhoc excel and social media connectors. Simply point Centrifuge Analytics at one or more data sources, glue them together to define a Centrifuge problem space and you are ready to go.

2: Integrated BI Visualizations

Centrifuge Analytics comes with a full suite of visualizations including: properties and intersection charting, relationship graphing, temporal events, geospatial proximities, and tabular views. All Centrifuge visualizations are uniquely integrated allowing different views to drive and filter other views to achieve data perspectives not possible with other BI tools.

3: Link Analysis

Centrifuge Analytics unique implementation of on the fly link-analysis where, relational data is pivoted into network structures exposing relevant data relationship patterns not visible with out extensive IT support. With Centrifuge Link-Analysis you simply ask a graphical pattern search question and have Centrifuge highlight the exact matches for each search directly on the graph visualization.

4: Collaboration

Once a Centrifuge Analytics problem definition and visualizations have been finalized for exposing the nuances of the problem they can be saved as a template (model) and shared with other data analysts to reuse.

Visualization Example

Go beyond simple visual dashboards to incorporate human intelligence.¬†Lots of companies visualize data but with Centrifuge Analytics you will find that missing elements others tools just can’t.

See additional visualization examples by clicking on the image below: