Big Data Discovery without Link Analysis is like the Web without Google.

Big Data Discovery without Link Analysis is like the Web without Google.

Have you ever wondered what the web would be like without search engines like Google? How would we find anything, where would we start, what would we ask for? Interesting questions, but now consider the parallel to finding value from the mountains of data we collect on a daily basis. Link analysis is perfectly positioned to be the discovery engine to your data as search is to the web.

You can view link analysis as a data discovery technique that reveals the structure and content of information by representing it as a set of interconnected objects. When combined with a visual representation, an investigator can quickly gain an understanding of the strength of relationships and the frequency of contacts and immediately discover new associations. Link analysis offers an intuitive alternative to the traditional relational database formats and BI tools without deep technical expertise.

Centrifuge Systems specializes in providing some of the industry’s richest link analysis capabilities. Its patent-pending, browser-based interactive visualization is an industry first solution for finding the needle in the haystack. Centrifuge's capabilities puts the power of true link analysis directly into the hands of business users.

To make it easier to test drive the Centrifuge solution and to put link analysis into action, Centrifuge Systems invites you to take the “Data Discovery Challenge – You provide the data, we’ll solve the problem”…. at absolutely no-cost, you've got nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Go to Centrifuge Systems now to learn more or sign up for your own Data Discovery Challenge.

It's Just Like Kevin Bacon's Six Degrees of Separation...

The six degrees of separation concept is a good example of social network dynamics, which is ideally suited for link analysis. Other examples are analysis of telecommunications networks, financial networks, waste and fraud detection, insider threat identification, cyber intrusion, etc. So what parts of your organization would benefit from advanced link analysis?

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