Novak Biddle Venture Partners

novakNovak Biddle Venture Partners is a premier early stage venture capital firm focused on unique, cutting-edge technology investments in the Eastern United States, as well as targeted opportunities nationwide. With $580 million under management, Novak Biddle operates five venture funds that currently provide equity financing and management assistance to emerging technology companies. Novak Biddle continues to seek business situations where the combination of ideas, dollars, experience, and relationships can create long term, sustainable value. A sampling of companies funded by Novak Biddle include: Blackboard, 2U, NEW Asurion, Infoblox, Appian, SolidFire, and Trusted Computer Solutions.


FinTech Innovation Lab

fintechThe FinTech Innovation Lab is a 12-week program in NYC sponsored by  taking place during the summer of every year.   Six companies are selected via a highly competitive process, to enter the program every year.  The program is sponsored by the New York City Investment Fund and Accenture, and include the top financial institutions in the world including Goldman Sachs, Credit Suisse, Bank Of America,  and the most prominent VC firms in financial and technology markets including Bain Capital, Rho Ventures and RRE ventures.