Finding the Unexpected – What is your Data Really Saying?

Finding the Unexpected – What is your Data Really Saying?

Finding the Unexpected - What is your Data Really Saying?

When was the last time you were surprised by the unexpected? Most of us go through our data search routines looking for supporting details to strengthen our existing assumptions. What if we looked at the same data but from a slightly different perspective?

Let’s walk through a simple yet very revealing example of an unexpected result. Your organization produces many reports and makes them available to different groups.  You typically check which reports were requested most often and by which group. Your data analyst creates a relationship graph showing each report and each group that requested it. As expected the graph illustrates varying clusters of reports and their associated groups from large clusters to single reports with no requests.

However, this time your analyst was curious and wanted to confirm whether the most requested reports were the most expensive to produce. Using Centrifuge Analytics your analyst simply introduced and applied the cost value as a size attribute for each report with the most expensive being the largest. To your surprise the more requested reports were some of the least expensive and the most expensive report actually had no user requests what so ever. Eliminating the most expensive and least used report would save your organization much needed funds that could be applied across the other reports. 


Take our no cost Challenge Program and see, what your data is really trying to say.


The greatest value of any visual is that it surprises us to see the unexpected. The unexpected in turn expands our understanding of what is possible and gives us that new perspective to make better decisions. In addition, the unexpected is that all elusive catalyst for new ideas, new solutions, new products with different and more profitable results.

Let Centrifuge Analytics help your organization be that catalyst for innovation.

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