Take Us Up On Our Data Discovery Challenge – You Provide the Data, We’ll Solve the Problem

Take Us Up On Our Data Discovery Challenge – You Provide the Data, We’ll Solve the Problem

Centrifuge Systems has launched an industry first, a no-cost Data Discovery Challenge program. Organizations that want to leverage their big data assets to help drive their business cannot ignore this opportunity.

Centrifuge Systems invites organizations to take the new Data Discovery Challenge. The Challenge is a unique program where organizations work with Centrifuge resources to identify and solve an elusive fraud or misuse problem such as: financial fraud, healthcare abuse, counter terrorism, cyber security, law enforcement or any other suspicious or potentially costly activities. The unique nature of the program is that it is absolutely free to the participating organizations.

“Having a plan that incorporates the use of big data and the latest analytics tools is key to having an effective fraud detection and misuse program,” said Steve Panzer, Sr. Vice President with Centrifuge Systems. “Despite the competitive advantage and ROI that a fraud discovery program provides – organizations find it difficult to handle the overwhelming data volumes and to overcome their lack of critical skills needed to implement a successful program. Our Data Discovery challenge is a perfect low-risk opportunity for any organization to achieve immediate pay-back results.”

The Centrifuge Data Discovery Challenge program delivers on the following:

  •     No initial investment – it’s free
  •     Specifically use participant’s data and solve their specific problem
  •     Program results are delivered regardless
  •     Minimal impact to current resources
  •     Timely delivery – typically a few weeks
  •     Exposure to the latest technology and methodologies


Centrifuge is confident that the challenge program will meet participating organization’s needs and that it will result in the deployment of additional tools and services. If the outcomes are not in-line with the intended goals, no additional obligations are required.

About Centrifuge Systems
Centrifuge Systems is a leading provider of next generation big data business intelligence software. Our unique approach to finding the needle in the haystack brings together three compelling innovations to the problem: a unique link analysis perspective, cutting edge interactive visualization, and fully browser accessible/embeddable environment.

Traditional business intelligence solutions require users to define what they want to see in advance and present the results in static dashboards. With Centrifuge, users determine what is of interest on the fly then manipulate the displays directly in a highly interactive fashion. The experience is refreshingly easy-to-use and the resulting insights are extraordinary. Data integration has never been more flexible allowing users to join disparate data sources without any complex programming or wait times. Centrifuge is used in some of the most demanding applications in the world, including counter-terrorism, cyber security, homeland defense, insurance fraud, and financial crimes analysis.

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