Organized Crime and Fraud costs retailers billions of dollars in losses every year.  With so much data pouring in from point of sale systems, digital imaging systems and

Centrifuge Visual Network Analytics enables loss prevention analysts to quickly integrate disparate data and profile criminal behavior using a combination of relationship mapping and interactive visual analytics.  Now you can identify organized crime networks faster than ever before.

Identify Retail Crime

Through a combination of charts, time lines, maps, tables and relationship maps, loss prevention analysts can identify organized crime and communicate their findings with law enforcement. Centrifuge provides an optimized solution that can be embedded in your case management system or used on its own to profile criminal behavior. Prevent losses and fraud from impacting your company.

Counterfeiting & Piracy

Enable the measurement and profiling of criminal counterfeit networks. Visualize and profile international counterfeiters of luxury goods, electronics or other merchandise.

Employee Fraud

Identify fraud across employees and vendors. Use advanced link analysis to determine double vendor invoicing and employees that may be perpetuating fraud.

Marketing, Sales & Service Effectiveness

Perform sales analysis and service performance by region, territory, store, employee, department and time of day. Evaluate marketing campaigns across channels and segments to isolate effective cross sell and up sell strategies.

Preventing Fraud Paper