Health & Pharma

Pharmaceutical companies continue to improve their approaches in the areas of anti-drug counterfeiting, clinical trials analysis and sales performance management.  

Centrifuge Visual Network Analytics can be applied to address all of these functional areas. Identifying networks of illegal drug manufacturers by integrating harvested web site data with other enterprise and public data to find the financiers and distributors. Adverse effect analysis in clinical trials is best achieved using relationship mapping and interactive visual analytics. Physician influence can be measured through relationships doctors have with healthcare organizations, universities, publications and associations to effectively deploy sales.



Go beyond the traditional sales and marketing model tied to physician based distribution. Measure the effect of new sales and marketing campaigns designed to communicate directly with consumers.


Deeper analysis of cost structures across all operations in the business. Integrate general ledger data with other data sources on the cost of raw materials and production to identify where efficiencies can be built into the business.


Analysis related to improvements in the manufacturing and R&D for therapeutics which may take into account overseas labor production. Improve the manufacturing and R&D process through event timeline analysis.

Product Innovation

Identifying the most promising genes in support of developing new treatment strategies, enhanced testing and targeting specific disease states.


Early detection of effects tied to drug interactions that could either reduce the risk or confirm the safety of new products available for patients. Analyze clinical trial data to determine the effects of drug interactions which could lead to detecting defects in the manufacturing process.