National Security

Born out of the needs of the US Intelligence Community (IC), Centrifuge Analytics has been designed to address some of the most demanding and mission critical applications in the world including: national security, cyber security, financial analysis, border protection and many more.

Centrifuge is a very unique kind of intelligence analysis system which brings together a powerful combination of three new innovations to the VNA challenge: Agile Data Integration, Dynamic Relationship Mapping and Interactive Visual Analytics.  In a secure environment, Centrifuge can be accessed via a browser — anytime, anywhere by anyone in an organization.

By definition, intelligence deals with the unclear, the unknown, the deliberately hidden. What the enemies of the United States hope to deny, we work to reveal.” - George J. Tenet , Former Director of Central Intelligence

Counter Intelligence/Terrorism

Enormous pressure to identify terrorist threats across data sources remains a challenging problem for Intelligence Analysts today. For over 10 years, Centrifuge Analytics has been used by thousands of users across over 20 different government agencies to profile high level threats.  Unlike other solutions, Centrifuge provides a lightweight, easy to implement and powerful weapon to pinpoint risks. Only Centrifuge advanced profiling and link intelligence provides the complete picture for immediate action.

Border Security

Protection and security of our borders remains of paramount importance. Securing and facilitating trade while also enforcing immigration, drug and agricultural policies is an essential and challenging balance. Data literally pours in from passenger flight data, immigration data, cargo and port-of-entry manifests and many other sources. Turning that data into knowledge to minimize risk and detect threats can be accomplished using Centrifuge to bring the data together, interactively map it and visualize potential patterns of inconsistency.

Laundering Schemes

Money laundering is a key component of most organized crime. Terrorist networks continue to be funded through money laundering schemes that need to be identified. With Centrifuge, analysts can pinpoint large money transfers, accounts and individuals involved in complex money laundering schemes through a highly dynamic approach to relationship mapping.

Law Enforcement

Law enforcement professionals need better crime analysis tools that easily reveal underlying networks of criminal activity. The level of sophistication of criminal behavior has increased across virtually all areas including, cybercrime, identity theft, gang activity, fraud and narcotics. Centrifuge provides the ability to visualize disparate sources of data using relationship maps which reveal meaningful insights using connections between people, phone calls, addresses, property or other forms of data.

Fraud Analysis

Fraud Detection Investigators face the daunting task to accurately identify fraud across big data within shrinking windows of time. Centrifuge delivers dynamic relationship mapping to connect people, accounts, financial transactions, and any other types of data.  Analysts uncover patterns in behavior using a combination of interactive charts, time line analysis, tables and relationship maps.