Financial Fraud

Fraud and risk create staggering losses in the financial services industry as criminals invent new scams to steal funds and launder dirty money into the economy. This has a profound impact on all of us including banks, brokerage, insurance & healthcare providers.

Innovations in analytic technology can identify fraud, detect threats and mitigate risk for your financial organization.  Centrifuge Visual Network Analytics combines agile data integration with dynamic relationship mapping and interactive visual analytics allowing analysts to profile data and detect patterns of behavior indicative of criminal activity.


Financial Risk

Centrifuge enables accurate identification of financial risk due to fraud and money laundering. Display cases under investigation using rich visualizations. Identify hidden relationships using advanced risk analysis, and find transactional paths that point to co-conspirators.

Know Your Customer

Ensure compliance with “Know Your Customer” policy requirements. Perform enhanced due diligence on new and existing accounts’ financial performance. Create a corporate culture where Visual Network Analytics supports all of your “Know Your Customer” requirements.

Customer Acquisition

Centrifuge delivers measurable and effective customer acquisition and retention strategies. Analyze past financial performance and customer value leading to targeted acquisition strategies. Measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.


Share important financial data analysis results with key members of your team, other departments and executives. Save the results of your financial data analysis and automatically notify managers and other team members of important findings. Apply interactive analytics in support of your departmental and company goals.