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Centrifuge Analytics™ v3

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Centrifuge Analytics™ v3 is now available as a 100% (HTML5) browser-based visual data discovery link analysis product. It’s the next revolutionary step in deep data analysis that allows business users to get to the actual data elements behind the issue being explored. Users can quickly see details emerge from their data previously never considered or possible. They can take the initial insights and further explore them with other external data sources to drive even deeper insights. This allows the users to put together more compelling and substantiated legal cases or new data driven market strategies. With any data related problem, Centrifuge Analytics v3 will provide your organization with an actionable data supported perspective that will typically pay for itself the first time it is used.

Here are a few Centrifuge Analytics v3 key capabilities:

Easy to Deploy: A 100% browser-based deployment model that can be installed on a standalone laptop, an enterprise server or a cloud-based solution.  A simple laptop deployment can have a user up and running in a few minutes.

Powerful Visuals: A multi-layered and fully integrated visual environment where users can quickly navigate and explore large data problems.  Centrifuge Analytics v3 comes with a full complement of the traditional BI (Business Intelligence) visualizations along with our functionally rich and fully integrated link-analysis visuals that are breaking the traditional BI rules on how deep data discovery and advanced analytics can go.

Amazing Response: A high performing environment that has achieved a tenfold improvement in user response times with large link analysis visuals over previous releases.

Instant Data Access: No need to stage or conform to predefined data models; simply pull the data into Centrifuge and start visualizing. The architecture has been built with large link-analysis problem processing at its core. Considering very large external data sets from the outset minimizes the need to perform detailed data transformation, allowing the analyst to focus on the actual problem and not data processing.

Robust Security: Built for some of the most sophisticated customers, Centrifuge Analytics v3 provides flexible controls needed to fully protect the hidden and potentially sensitive data value within your organization.

Broadcast: The broadcast feature provides different Centrifuge visualizations to interact with each other and to share selected elements between them. By default, each visualization is listening to every other visualization and when one takes an action to share a selection the others respond from their specific visual perspective.  For example, when clicking on a bar in a bar chart, you might want a graph and a table visualizations to react to only the information represented by the selected bar. By leveraging some of the traditional BI visuals like the bar or pie charts to filter a lager data-set and them broadcast the data represented by a particular bar or pie slice to a more detailed graph visual for deeper analysis provides the user with quick path to zero in on a specific data area.

Spinoff: The Spinoff operation creates a new dataview (DV) using just the selected items in the current visualization. A DV is a Centrifuge construct representing a problem set being analyzed. Spinoffs are a convenient way to examine a subset of the data more closely without affecting the original DV. It is also a good way to take a snapshot of a unique finding and save it for future reference such as case evidence or share it with collogues for further analysis.

Linkup: The linkups feature provides the ability to incorporate data from other DVs previously created.  As you explore and analyze your data, you may want to bring in additional information from previously defined DVs.  The selected items of the current visualization are used as parameters for requesting a linkup with another DV. This enables you to “grow” the data dynamically to include additional details about specific data you are exploring. It also leverages the work previously performed – especially if it is a repetitive data set used with may analysis activities – without needing to build complex data connections and data definitions every time.

Reusable Model: Leverages a model-based approach where a specific data related problems can be defined once and reused multiple times as the source data changes. This maximizes the experience of your more seasoned data analysts and spread the knowledge across your entire analyst community.

User Augmentation: You are missing some key data elements in your link-analysis visual – no worries, simply click and add a new node or link directly to your visual. There are situations where the data is missing the one intruder or phone call that will make your case that much more compelling – with Centrifuge Analytics v3 you simply augment the link-analysis visual as needed. In addition to adding new nodes and links you can add notes (text) for each node or link to provide details or contexts for future reference or other analysts. The notes can include hyper-links that can further reference external documents as needed.

Supported Data Sources: To ensure that you have access to your data from a variety of sources Centrifuge Analytics v3 comes with a wide range of data connectors:

  • Traditional RDBMs (Access, My SQL, Oracle, Postgres and many others)
  • Flat Files (excel, csv, xml, Json and others)
  • Apache Impala (Supported by Cloudera)
  • HDFS (Hadoop Distributed File System)
  • JDBC compliant sources
  • LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access)
  • JSON Web Services
  • Many partner specific connectors
  • Custom connectors can be built as needed

More: And many more capabilities …

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