Problem Solving – Data Discovery Not Data Processing

Centrifuge Analytics eliminates the need to pre-stage data prior to analysis. It automatically reaches into many diverse data sources using sophisticated algorithms to maximize performance, and lets the user focus on the meaning of the data rather than the processing behind it. Adding new data to augment an analysis is a simple drag and drop activity.

Sophisticated Link Analysis

The solutions to most complex data problems lie in understanding the relationship between elements such as people, places, systems, events, facts etc. Centrifuge Analytics uses cutting edge Link Analysis algorithms to quantify these relationships and visualize them in the form of interactive relationship graphs. High-performance, server-side rendering allows seamless panning and zooming from dense maps of millions of nodes down to individual relationships. Features like automatic bundling and the ability to discover all possible paths between two elements, puts unprecedented power in the hands of the analyst.

Interactive Visualizations

Going beyond individual graphs, Centrifuge Analytics enables intelligent interaction between views, allowing users to iteratively drill down into areas of interest. Supporting dynamic highlighting quickly separates real insight from a static perspective – visually rendering more important elements  in brighter shades while fading less important items into the background. The ability to create powerful visuals consisting of interconnected views simplifies workflow, saving time and taking visual discovery to a whole new level.

Link, Temporal and Geospatial Analyses

Solving problems in big data involves a deep understanding of three dimensions that are beyond the capabilities of mainstream big data analytics tools – links (relationships between elements), time-series analysis and geospatial analysis. Centrifuge Analytics excels at making sense of these dimensions intrinsically. Timeline views and Time-Player Animations provide unique perspectives into event patterns. Google EarthTM and GeoIQTM support allow any analysis to be viewed within a geo-spatial context.

Secure Collaboration

Centrifuge has intrinsic support for sharing and collaboration between users, thanks to patent-pending technology. Role-based access including LDAP support ensures that multiple users can share datasets without impacting security or integrity. Ongoing investigations can be shared using a built-in repository, and full audit tracking ensures visibility into user activities. Powerful “spinoff” and “live publish” capabilities allow investigation cases to be split up and delegated among multiple users.

Scalable & Flexible Architecture

The Centrifuge platform architecture allows for an extremely lightweight packaging for simpler implementations while seamlessly scaling to support more use-cases, concurrent users or higher volume of data. It’s small enough to be installed on a laptop in minutes, and can scale to multi-CPU clusters, large teams of users and terabytes of data. The embedded PostgresTM and MongoDBTM databases are entirely self-managed requiring no user administration. Built-in support for HadoopTM (Hive, HBase), SplunkTM and Digital Reasoning SynthesysTM platforms expands the scope of analysis to machine data such as security and system logs, and to unstructured data from documents and the web. APIs and Pluggable Connectors allow extension to proprietary data stores or visual embedding within host applications or frameworks like the Ozone Widget Framework.

Embeddable Interactive Visualizations

Any visualization contained within Centrifuge can now be embedded into a host application via a very simple HTTP-based API.

• The embedding also allows for full fidelity and interaction while allowing “chrome” such as menus and toolbars etc to be suppressed.

• This capability which previously was only supported for the relationship graph now extends to all visualizations.

• Furthermore, entire dashboards can now be embedded allowing multiple windows to exist and interact within a single hosted widget.

• This capability uses broadly supported  HTML5 with the most resent product release and Flash technology that works on all browsers going back to IE 6.