A powerful Data Discovery and Understanding Technology

  • First and foremost, a fully integrated solution that empowers analysts to work with no IT support
  • Sophisticated link-analysis features such as Path Identification, intelligent bundling and various visual pattern-identification features
  • Interactive visualizations that can be used in collaboration: to select, highlight or filter from one another
  • 100% Browser footprint ensures no client-side data retention that simplifies security and client administration
  • Patent-pending server-side rendering engine enables highly scalable network graphs and visualizations
  • A complete selection of charts and graphs that are intrinsically drillable
  • Agile data integration – No need to stage, warehouse or apply a fixed ontology – simply point to a new data source and go
  • Model-based analytics – Setup once and reuse – build upon the experience of more seasoned analysts
  • A robust database caching engine to handle massive data problems
  • Most comprehensive analytics security available today