Centrifuge at IDGA 2013

We invite you to join us at the IDGA Big Data for Defense & Government conference on Feb 25th through Feb 27th.   In addition to hands-on demonstrations of our Visual Analytics suite at our booth in the exhibit hall, we also urge you to attend this workshop on advanced visual discovery techniques on Day 1 (Feb 25th).

Date:   Feb 25th 2013 to Feb 27th

Location:  Holiday Inn  625 First Street, Alexandria, VA 22314

From Hairballs to Insight

On:   Feb 25th, 2:15PM

Finding patterns in big data often starts with a mass of interconnected entitites, resembling a hairball.  Finding nuggets of meaning within this requires iterative, visual techniques collectively referred to as Link Analysis.








The  practice of Link Analysis is much more than just a pretty visual.  It is a highly evolved discipline used to uncover high-value problems such as anti-counterfeit operationsanti-money laundering and pharmaceutical fraud.  It is also a central element in numerous national-security use cases including counter-intelligence, signal-analysis and cyber-threat detection.

This workshop will cover:
  • Using Scaling and Transparency to simplify patterns
  • Using Bundling and Iterative Exposition techniques
  • Linking multiple interactive visuals to dissect complex patterns into clusters of interest
  • Applying Path-Identification techniques to find hidden connections
  • Using Network Animations to highlight growth patterns
  • Utilizing layouts based on Social Network Analysis (SNA) metrics
  • Embedding Visuals into Workflow – the Ozone Widget Framework (OWF)


Navin Ganeshan,

Chief Product Officer


Casey Henderson,

Founder & Chief Technology  Officer



We look forward to seeing you there!

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