Version 3

The most compelling, responsive, easy to use, visually rich, data discovery link-analysis product, Centrifuge Analytics v3 brings it all together. Take your link-analysis to a whole new level.

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Challenge Program

An industry first - a no cost "Data Discovery Challenge" program. If you want to leverage your big data, you just cannot ignore this opportunity.

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Cyber Security

Visualize structured and unstructured network data to uncover malware activity, cyber threats, intrusions and access vulnerabilities.

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Culmen International is a rapidly growing company that solves some of the most demanding big data discovery and analytics problems. With the recent acquisition of Centrifuge Analytics’ geospatial and Link-analysis capabilities, Culmen is well positioned: to leverage, make sense of and provide insight from any data challenge.

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Centrifuge Analytics™ is a big data discovery technology that provides the power and flexibility to connect, visualize and collaborate without complex data integration, costly services or a data science degree. It combines sophisticated link-analysis, interactive visualizations and discovery features to dramatically simplify data pattern and connection recognition.

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Centrifuge Analytics™ has been successfully deployed in a wide range of diverse data environments, including counter-terrorism, cyber security, homeland defense, insurance fraud, law enforcement and financial crimes analysis. The initial return on investment (ROI) with each deployment was typically measured in weeks not years.

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Data Discovery Challenge – You provide the data, we’ll solve the problem

Centrifuge Analytics, has launched an industry first, a no-cost Data Discovery Challenge program. Organizations that want to leverage their big data assets to help drive their business cannot ignore this opportunity.  more …

Culmen International Acquires Centrifuge Systems

“At the core of the latest acquisition are highly valuable data analytics capabilities that will allow Culmen to further expand its technology and services solutions in big data discovery, advanced analytics, geospatial intelligence and link analysis,” said Dan Berkon, founder and CEO of Culmen.  more …