Challenge Program

An industry first - a no cost "Data Discovery Challenge" program. Centrifuge has boldly launched a compelling challenge program that if you want to leverage your big data assets you just cannot ignore this opportunity.

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Cyber Security

Visualize structured and unstructured network data to uncover malware activity, cyber threats, intrusions and access vulnerabilities.

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Version 2.10

The most secure Data Discovery product just got safer. With more and more sensitive information being tracked every day, it's all the more reason that this data and the tools used to analyze it are fully protected.

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Centrifuge helps solve some of the most demanding problems in intelligence, fraud, cyber and healthcare in both government and commercial markets. Our company is the result of over a decade of network analytics research in National Security agencies. We are a venture-funded company with a talented team headquartered in McLean, Virginia.

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Visual Network AnalyticsTM gives you the power and flexibility to connect, visualize and collaborate without complex data integration, costly services or a data science degree. It combines sophisticated link-analysis, interactive visualizations and collaboration features to dramatically simplify the discovery of patterns and connections in big data.

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Centrifuge supports some of the most demanding solutions in the world, including counter-terrorism, cyber security, homeland defense, insurance fraud, and financial crimes analysis. With Centrifuge, users determine what is of interest and manipulate the visuals directly. The experience is easy-to-use and the resulting insights are immediate.

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Cool Vendor 2013 – Security

Gartner Research

We see visual analytics as more than compelling illustrations, and as an entire discipline in pattern-based discovery. Analysts can start visualizing large discrete datasets right away without the need for pre-integration. And distill complex patterns into specific relationships that could signify fraud, security threats, collusion or other violation. The more complex the problem, the more relevant link-analysis capabilities become.

Stunning Visuals

Financial Services Customer

The server-generated high-performance link-analysis graphs provide phenomenal insight into patterns, and features like path analytics and bundling make this a powerful tool for interactive, pattern-based discovery

Infinitely flexible

Healthcare Customer

A stellar user interface and broad data connectivity has let us apply this to many scenarios from fraud-detection to supply-chain analysis

The fastest way to visualize complex data streams…period!

Pharma Customer

Not having to pre-stage data or perform ETL is a tremendous time-saver.  It allows us to perform what-if scenarios at the speed of thought.