Version 3

The most compelling, responsive, easy to use, visually rich, data discovery link-analysis product, Centrifuge Analytics v3 brings it all together. Take your link-analysis to a whole new level.

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Challenge Program

An industry first - a no cost "Data Discovery Challenge" program. If you want to leverage your big data, you just cannot ignore this opportunity.

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Cyber Security

Visualize structured and unstructured network data to uncover malware activity, cyber threats, intrusions and access vulnerabilities.

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Centrifuge Systems is a rapidly growing software technology company that solves some of the most demanding big data discovery and analytics problems. With over a decade of visual link-analysis research and product development, Centrifuge is well positioned: to leverage, make sense of and provide insight from the complex and growing data challenge.

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Centrifuge Analytics™ is a big data discovery technology that provides the power and flexibility to connect, visualize and collaborate without complex data integration, costly services or a data science degree. It combines sophisticated link-analysis, interactive visualizations and discovery features to dramatically simplify data pattern and connection recognition.

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Centrifuge Analytics™ has been successfully deployed in a wide range of diverse data environments, including counter-terrorism, cyber security, homeland defense, insurance fraud, law enforcement and financial crimes analysis. The initial return on investment (ROI) with each deployment was typically measured in weeks not years.

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The fastest way to visualize complex data streams…period!

Pharma Customer

Not having to pre-stage data or perform ETL is a tremendous time-saver.  It allows us to perform what-if scenarios at the speed of thought.

Infinitely flexible

Healthcare Customer

A stellar user interface and broad data connectivity has let us apply this to many scenarios, from fraud-detection to supply-chain analysis.

Cool Vendor – Designation

Gartner Research

We see visual analytics as more than compelling illustrations, and as an entire discipline in pattern-based discovery. Analysts can start visualizing large discrete datasets right away without the need for pre-integration. And distill complex patterns into specific relationships that could signify fraud, security threats, collusion or other violation. The more complex the problem, the more relevant link-analysis capabilities become.

Stunning Visuals

Financial Services Customer

The server-generated link-analysis graphs provide phenomenal insights into patterns and make this a powerful tool for interactive discovery.